H16 LED Conversion Kit

  • H16 LED Conversion Kit
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  • H16 LED Conversion Kit
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Our all-new H16 Copper-Head™ LED Headlight kit is designed for vehicles which have the enclosed headlight bulbs that prevent our fanned Night Pilot kit from being installed. We’ve tested a nauseating amount of different “no fan” LEDs, and ultimately rested on our Copper Heads™ for its excellent light distribution, brightness & durability.

MATERIAL & THERMAL MANAGEMENT –&Staying cool is the end all and be all in the world of LED.& Well executed thermal management means higher drive current leading to higher light volume.

Six 100% Pure Copper(Cu) belts allow maximum thermal conductivity. &The thermoelectrically separated copper substrates allow heat to transfer to the substrate efficiently and quickly.

American made Down Corning® thermal paste to increase conductivity to 6063 aluminium tower.

Near identical footprint to stand halogen bulb ensure 100 compatibility.


Top Bin Philips© Lumileds Luxeon ZES® LED | We’ve independently verified the authenticity of the Philips©&Lumileds used. &The undomed nature of the ZES® provide better optical control with minimal scatter.

OEM matching light distribution through exact positioning of the LED emitters to optimise the vehicles reflector design as the OEM intended.

Instant Full Beam without any warm up time.


  • CAN-Bus cancellation built in
  • Unlike other platforms on the market, our Copper Heads LED Kit will not discolour or tarnish your vehicles headlamp reflector or lenses.
  • Electrically Protected again RFI and EM Interference
  • Over and Under Voltage Protection
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Plug and Play H16 Connector | No cutting or professional installation required, as easy as changing OEM bulb
  • Ingress Protection IP65 |&means our kits will not fail at the first sign of water.
  • True White 6000Kelvin
  • PART NUMBER #3052016

Additional Information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 10 cm



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