MDT Tru Tracker Complete Rear Track Correction System 2016 on (Fully Fitted and Approved)

  • MDT Tru Tracker Complete Rear Track Correction System Pre 2016 (Fully Fitted and Approved)




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MDT Tru Tracker – Complete Rear Track Correction System suitable for the V8 J70 Series Toyota Landcruiser The Tru Tracker... read more


MDT Tru Tracker – Complete Rear Track Correction System suitable for the V8 J70 Series Toyota Landcruiser

The Tru Tracker system is designed and engineered to be fully compliant with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

The price of this kit is fully fitted and approved by East Coast Tyre & Auto.

All components are manufactured from high grade materials and thoroughly tested to ensure the strength and reliability of the rear axle assembly is retained.

Each component has undergone Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and has full Engineering Approval.

Easy to install, the Tru Tracker finally allows you to enjoy the benefits of putting the rear wheels where they should be!

In 2007 Toyota introduced the V8 diesel engine into its 70 Series model range in Australia. To accommodate the larger engine, the engine bay was widened and front track width was increased, while the rear remained unchanged. The result: an OEM track width difference of 95mm.


The narrower track at the rear causes the vehicle to sway unpredictably when travelling on soft surfaces. This also occurs when the vehicle encounters dry wheel ruts, or edged surface changes on sealed roads. Instability issues are also present when towing, or with heavily loaded or troop carrier vehicles with a high centre of gravity. This presents as a significant safety concern as the vehicle can become unstable and difficult to control under these conditions.


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